SD WAN: Software Defined Networking

Meet your business needs faster and more effectively with a virtual network that securely connects users between various locations, prioritizes applications, and simplifies network configuration management.

What is SD-WAN?
SD-WAN is a virtual network that securely connects users between various locations, prioritizes business-critical applications and simplifies network configuration management to ensure uptime and optimal network performance. This is a great solution to the high costs, insufficient bandwidth at branch locations, and poor SaaS application performance that comes with traditional WANs.

Is Managed SD-WAN Right for You?

Today, many organizations face challenges with their WAN architecture. SD-WAN is a great solution to the high costs, insufficient bandwidth at branch locations, and poor SaaS application performance that come with traditional WANs. WIN implements SD-WAN for clients and can provide, install, test, turn up, and monitor the circuits needed to support it. Clients have the flexibility to provide their own connectivity, or WIN can provide it for them.

Do you struggle with unreliable application performance and availability?

Find dependable performance that meets service level agreements (SLAs), even during an outage or other network event.

Are you experiencing network sprawl, with a complex combination of devices and appliances?

Experience greater agility and performance while using less bandwidth with a faster, simpler WAN deployment.

Do you experience network outages, even during normal operations?

Prioritize your applications to ensure business critical applications always use the optimal path.

Is your IT staff overwhelmed managing network policies?

Reduce the number of complicated network policies with a centralized cloud-managed fabric across all your remote sites.

Are you unsure that all of your network components are protected from cybersecurity vulnerabilities?

Find confidence in our advanced threat protection and multi-layer security practices.

Would your organization benefit from SD-WAN, but lack the IT resources to implement and manage?

Utilize our Network Management Center, available 24x7x365, to monitor and manage all your devices and connections.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Saved on Operating Expenses over 3 years for a retailer

Percent reduction in cost/Mbps for a national insurance provider

Weeks to complete M&A integration for a Fortune 50 healthcare provider

Improvement in application latency for a healthcare provider

Source: Cisco

What our Valued Clients are Saying:

We engaged WIN Technology and they were able to quickly assess the situation and provide a customized SD-WAN solution to address our issues. Their solution provided much higher bandwidth at a lower cost and ensured that we would no longer experience slowdowns and outages. With a fast and reliable network connection and high uptimes, our staff can focus on what is most important - serving our customers.

Kari Rice – Operations
Waumandee State Bank

Our SD-WAN Features Include:

Multiplexed VPN routing and forwarding
Implement sets of rules that determine where the data is directed as it travels over an Internet Protocol (IP) network

Next-generation Security
Select multiple security features to protect the entire virtual WAN infrastructure

Data Analytics and Visibility
View network performance analytics in real time to help troubleshoot performance issues

End-to-end Micro-segmentation
Deploy security policies and separate workloads using virtual network technology instead of installing physical firewalls
Application-aware Routing
Decide which applications should use what WAN connection and apply failover to ensure critical applications always use the optimal path

Flexible Connection Options
Route network traffic over multiple channels (MPLS, broadband and LTE)

Consistent Policy Application
Control when applications are used on the network and who can use them

Cloud/Multi-Cloud Ready
Utilize multiple cloud services or features from different providers to meet your organization’s needs

Business Value Outcomes:

Optimize Expenses

Receive the fastest bandwidth at an optimal price . SD-WAN can reduce WAN expenses while greatly increasing bandwidth.

Reduce the overhead required to manage the WAN infrastructure and various connectivity providers.

Minimize support costs with greater processing capacity, storage and transmission of software defined WAN networks.

Improve Employee Experience

Eliminate business disruptions caused by insufficient bandwidth.

Optimize cloud access and provide a consistent, positive user experience on major SaaS applications.

Depend on service level agreements (SLAs) to provide reliable application performance and availability, even amid outages and other network events.

Improve Productivity

Experience faster WAN deployment, operation and performance, while using less bandwidth.

Prioritize your applications so that critical applications always choose the optimal network path.

Increase uptime by utilizing all available types of WAN connectivity.

Reduce Security Risks

Protect your business with the zero-trust model, where every element mutually validates each other, devices are authorized before they enter the network, and all data traffic is encrypted.

Use a hybrid cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure to encrypt, authenticate and segment your data for multi-layer security.

Establish a common set of security policies across the entire network.

Other Ways SD-WAN Can Help

  • Application SD-WAN routing goes beyond source and destination
  • Prioritizing circuits
  • Prioritizing circuits with backups over low-cost, high latency circuits (allows for frequent backups) and internal LoB applications over high-cost, low latency circuits
  • Multi-topology to accommodate different business units
  • Migrating workloads into the cloud
  • Opportunity to move expenses from CapEx to OpEx
  • Integrated security
  • Service Chaining
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