Save Big on Technology Product Orders

Reduce costs 15-25% more by ordering your technology products through WIN Technology. Upload your current order to compare our quote, or submit your quote request to obtain our price, or contact us at

Is WIN IT Procurement Right for You?

Partnering with your team and leveraging our purchasing channels can reduce costs for your planned IT assets. WIN’s IT Procurement team knows how to plan, acquire, maintain, and dispose of technology products so that you can avoid poor performance, supply chain disruptions, and compromised security within your business.

Do you struggle to organize, track, manage and perform timely upgrades on all your IT products?

We can help you implement the four stages of the IT asset lifecycle so that you get the most out of your IT products.

Is monitoring and providing the financial return of an IT product’s “vital life” challenging?

Use data and reporting to plan for the life of the IT product and drive efficiency improvements.

Are you sensitive to the overall cost of IT assets and deployment?

Receive advantageous discounts and increase efficiency when you proactively order equipment.

Are poor turnaround timeframes making it difficult to ensure smooth business operations?

Our collaborative planning will help you track and manage your IT products and reduce your risk of unexpected downtime by replacing IT infrastructure before it fails.

Are you at risk of security failures due to outdated systems?

Reduce your risks by upgrading your IT products before they become outdated.

Do you lack immediate access to IT assets needed to support your business continuity plans?

Proper inventory management will ensure your critical IT assets are available when you need them.

Realize Savings Like Our Clients Have

35% Saved

On an order for 120 laptops with the same lead time had they continued their order through current channels.

20% Saved

On support and maintenance of licensed software over a 36 month term.

40% Saved

On licensed cybersecurity software products including EDR, MDR and Antivirus.

WIN IT Procurement and Lifecycle Management Services Include:

Device Procurement
We can help you procure everything you need for Servers, Networks, Storage and your Voice needs.

Security Procurement

We work with the top brands in the business of security. These include KnowBe4, FRSecure, CrowdStrike and Duo MFA.

Productivity Procurement
From Microsoft Office and Print through Domain Hosting, we have the expertise you need.

Infrastructure Procurement
Whether it is VMware, Microsoft or Citrix, our procurement experts have the knowledge to get you there.

Optimize Value and Contain Costs

Leverage our Procurement team’s buying power and vendor partnerships to receive advantageous discounts when ordering IT infrastructure and support
Avoid placing unnecessary purchases by using our systems and processes to track the IT products you own and services or support you need
Increase efficiency when deploying IT products
Reduce Security Risks
Prevent security failures that result from outdated systems and lapsed support agreements
Partner with us to make the most effective risk mitigation investment decisions
Benefit from our partner network and gain a complete range of cyber security services
Leverage our Asset Management tracking services to support your business continuity
Improve Uptime and User Experience
Reduce employee frustration created by failing IT infrastructure or equipment shortages
Replace IT infrastructure before it fails and creates unexpected downtime
Minimize business operation delays by ensuring all systems run efficiently and endpoints function properly
Improved budgeting and forecasting
Understand true cost of ownership including maintenance and repairs

Convert large Capital Expense investments to manageable Operating Expenses that can be spread out over time

Know in advance when your IT products will need to be replaced so you can plan accordingly

Act Now to Optimize with WIN Technology IT Procurement