IT Maturity Assessment

An objective approach to understand your day-to-day IT activities and establish goals tailored to your needs and priorities.

Is an IT Maturity Assessment Right for You?

When executive leadership struggles to understand the challenges and opportunities of their IT environment, an outside perspective can help. IT maturity is a measure of an organization’s readiness and capability expressed through its people, processes, data and technologies.

Is your IT organization not delivering the value you expect?

Understand your current level of maturity and gain insights that allow you to prioritize and determine next steps.

Are you uncertain that your IT organization is structured to attain the value you need from your technology?

Gain insights into the IT spending, budgeting, and structure of your organization through the lens of industry-specific benchmarks.

Do your business leaders feel disconnected from your technology activities?

Learn if your organization has the adequate level of maturity, processes, functions, and decisions to perform robustly.

Do you experience disruptions to your business because your technology is not working properly?

Move from a reactive to a proactive stance in your IT efforts to replace technology before it fails.

Do you wish that you had a plan and roadmap to create a path to value in your IT spend?

We can help you plan for the availability and limitations of IT resources so that your IT can prioritize their time and attention on supporting your organization’s needs.

Do your employees complain about how their technology is not working for them?

Produce the best possible employee and customer experience as they interact with systems to access services and business solutions.

We Take a Collaborative Approach to Understand Your Organization’s IT Maturity


We work with you to identify the Subject Matter Experts that should be engaged during the evaluation process.


We collect industry data and compare it with your organizational data.


We compile a comprehensive assessment of our findings, recommendations, and resources to help your organization.

What the IT Maturity Assessment Measures:

Organizational Readiness

IT Organizational Structure: Ability of your IT team to effectively work together towards its team and organizational goals and understand individual functions and the connections between them.

Key Individuals: Workload, resource availability, and skills of the IT team to support organizational objectives.

Industry Benchmarks: Comparison of IT spending, budgeting, and organizational structure to organizations in corresponding industries.

Workflow Design and Management

Infrastructure and Operations: Ability to deliver outcomes, founded on processes, practices, organizational structures, skills, knowledge, systems, data, and tools.

Analytics and Reporting: Reporting and processes to increase productivity, clarity in communication, data accuracy, and timeliness of informed decision making.

Development Team: Assessment of languages used, applications maintained, project management methodology, DevOps and CI/CD practices, and the team’s most pressing challenges.

Cybersecurity and Data Management: Current security posture that identifies gaps in cyber defenses and empowers improvements.

Business Continuity and Risk Management: A high-level review of the current Business Continuity Plan and Practice.

Technology Fitness

Infrastructure: The maturity of the current technical infrastructure.

Cybersecurity and Data Management: The capability and complexity of the current use of cybersecurity and data management infrastructure.

Applications and Application Architecture: The maturity of application architecture for key business applications including assessment of technical debt, modernness of environment and presence of integrated workflow and integration.

*While most clients take advantage of WIN’s comprehensive IT Operational Maturity Assessment, clients have the option to select any number of components, choosing to perform some or all components of the assessment.
Business Values:

Reduce Security Risks

Understand the security risks that exist within your organization and ensure resilient countermeasures are in place to withstand sophisticated cyberattacks.
Improve the state of your existing security strategy, identify gaps, and be empowered to implement measurable improvements in the near term.
Utilize industry standards to produce a security framework for your organization.
Business–IT Alignment:
Develop and implement an IT strategy that is aligned with the vision, mission and goals of your organization.
Measure qualitative progress over time, allowing you to establish targets that will fit your organization’s unique needs and priorities.
Help business leadership recognize the current level of IT maturity and where IT methods fall short.
Move from a reactive to a proactive stance and align IT and business unit teams toward your organization’s common goals and aims.
Increase Efficiencies:
Establish standards and processes that enable your employees to productively deliver products and services that fulfill customer requirements.
Introduce change and accelerate improvements to raise the level of your IT project systems’ performance.
Understand the complex challenges and opportunities of your IT team and gain insights that allow you to respond accordingly.
Realize Business Value:
Make data-driven decisions as a result of consultative business reviews and planning.
Gain insights into the IT spending, budgeting, and organizational structure through the lenses of benchmarks from research specific to your industry.
Plan for the availability and limitations of IT resources so that you can prioritize their time and attention on supporting your organization’s needs.
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