If you don’t view IT as a business function, you won’t ask the right question — or get the right answer.

The IT Dilemma

Most organizations can’t manage the breadth and depth of resources needed to address every IT challenge at all times. For example, some resources are just too costly to acquire and support, especially if they are rarely used. And if those resources happen to be highly skilled individuals, they’ll quit and go where they can use their skills more often, acquire new ones, and get better pay. This can leave a big hole in your organization.

WIN IT Services asks organizations to change how they think. Instead of viewing technology as a money-pit, we ask clients to view IT as a business function — a strategic investment with a budget and expected outcome (a return on investment). With this mindset, we act as your chief information/technology officer (CIO/CTO). In that role, we deliver the hardware, software, network, and the full depth and range of skills you need, when you need them, at a fixed monthly rate. Instead of trying to select the right technologies, equipment, and staff, you buy an end-to-end service with a defined level of performance.

As your strategic partner, we become the best friend of your chief financial officer (CFO) and chief operations officer (COO). And when we take a seat at your high table, we can help you plan for the future — everything you want from an in-house CIO/CTO.

The Risks of a Non-Business Mindset

Companies usually chase after purchases through an in-house staff or consultants that sell hardware and software. Either way, there is no certainty about long-term value. You walk a fine line between the risks of overspending and under-performance. Here are some typical risk scenarios:

IT Risk Scenarios Infographic

In a future Insight, we’ll cover how WIN approaches End-to-End IT Service Management as a businesslike proposition.

Parts of this article were adapted from Worldwide SD-WAN Survey Special Report by Rohit Mehra, Rajesh Ghai, and Brad Casemore.