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The cost of a data breach is an excellent point from which to study the concept of cyber security. Why? Because it encourages organizations to re-evaluate cyber security as a business proposition, not a technological fix.

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Change Your Thinking

One of our key objectives is to persuade clients to change their thinking and to perceive information technology (IT) as a business function. Only by placing IT (including cyber security) in its proper business context can organizations make the kind of decisions that achieve their overarching goal of success in their core competencies.

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Analyzing Cost, Benefit, and Risk

Like any other business function, cyber security is driven by the analysis of cost, benefit, and risk.

 Sensitive information is subjected to considerations such as anonymity, confidentiality, accuracy, and preserving data integrity. As a result, companies establish procedures designed to protect data. But in the Information Age, the demand for quick access to data leads to necessary compromises with security.

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Defining Expectations

How do you decide between these competing objectives?

If you erect an impenetrable wall around your data, it would be immune to attack, but it also would be nearly useless for most business purposes. After all, we do business in a world where data transactions and information requests require instant retrieval of material that is distributed geographically to all kinds of users with different purposes. Unfortunately, most companies do not define their expectations for security standards in a businesslike way, and this leaves them exposed to substantial risk and ineffective management of IT.

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