WIN Technology ™


WIN Technology develops and deploys cutting-edge technology solutions to enhance the lives of hundreds of thousands of people each day. The goal of the WIN Technology Incubator is to help entrepreneurs, new businesses, and inventors take the next step on bringing their technology solutions to life.


Technology Expertise

For over 20 years, WIN Technology has been leveraging local talent and cutting-edge technologies to deliver life-enhancing services. Innovation and development are core principles of WIN Technology, and we recognize that it takes more than just creativity to turn an idea into reality. WIN Technology itself started as just an idea over 20 years ago. Since then, we’ve made a point of continually developing new products and services and exploring new lines of business. We’ve had many successes along with our share of challenges and failures, but through it all we’ve maintained our goal of never being satisfied with “good enough.” The WIN Technology Incubator is more than just another project for us; it’s a way of sharing the insatiable curiosity that has driven us with others and empowering them to spread the spirit of innovation and exploration.


Mentorship and Coaching

Being a part of the WIN Technology Incubator gives you access to business and technology experts to help make your startup or product a reality. Professionals with decades of experience developing, implementing, and utilizing technologies across a wide variety of industries and applications can offer unique perspectives and guidance on use cases, market trends, and potential pitfalls. Whether you’re trying to flesh out what exactly your idea is, wading through corporate or regulatory paperwork, or trying to keep up with rapid growth, having an experienced guide on your team is invaluable. In addition, WIN Technology professionals can connect you to their own established networks of other movers and shakers across regions and industry sectors to help get your project into the right hands.


Proven Success

WIN has been fortunate throughout its history to cross paths with others who shared its vision of a better future powered by technology. This has allowed us to invest in and develop ideas like Perigon, WIN Technology’s virtual and hybrid event production platform. Perigon grew out of a desire to produce digital events that just worked better, driven by people who were motivated not by selling a product but by solving a problem. Years of research, development, testing, and market analysis led to the wide launch of Perigon’s services in 2019, but of course its evolution didn’t stop there. Today Perigon is one of the leading virtual and hybrid event platforms in the world, offering effortlessly professional production for multinational corporations, higher education institutions, and entertainment leaders.