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Strategic assessment and forward-looking planning and design services can minimize current and future problems. They also can help to transition an organization from a reactive state to a proactive one. Acting as a chief information officer (CIO), WIN Technology can provide deliverables to drive technology decisions that appropriately balance the costs, benefits, and risks of information technology options.

Professional Services

Strategic Roadmaps

A strategic roadmap identifies the current status of an organization’s IT infrastructure. It also outlines future performance goals and constituent steps (objectives) required to reach those goals.

Likewise, however, it requires a deep understanding of the business, its operation, types of communication, and the nature and sensitivity of the data – both to the organization and to its stakeholders. Since a strategic roadmap is the most high-level, comprehensive planning service offered by WIN Technology, it may encompass some or all of the other services outlined in this section – including the infrastructure hardware, software, and security measures that comprise an organization’s network and other systems.

Professional Services

Infrastructure Planning

This service comprises forward-looking measures undertaken to meet an organization’s high-level IT goals. It can include all aspects of the IT infrastructure and services – including the hardware, software, and security measures pertaining to the network and other systems.

Professional Services

Solution Architecture

This refers to the design that determines how an organization gains access to data. A design solution can apply to an organization’s entire IT infrastructure or to only one system. Moreover, a solution architecture resolves a current problem or anticipates future ones

Professional Services

Data Architecture

Data architecture refers to how an organization uses, manages, stores, and accesses data. To cite a few of the many possibilities, it includes questions about which data should be immediately accessible, which should be archived, and whether data should be stored on in-house servers, external servers, or by means of cloud hosting.

Professional Services

Comprehensive IT Planning

Security Planning

This service includes the assessment of an organization’s current security status, proposed solutions, testing of proposed solutions, and training. Moreover, it can apply to outage prevention, backups, and different kinds of security practices – from basic “best practices” to high-level protections that are dependent on the sensitivity of the data and the organization’s regulatory environment. It also applies to how data is communicated, stored, and used in various applications within an organization in addition to how it is communicated with the outside world.

Resource Planning

This refers to planning needed to acquire and integrate new human resources and equipment. It often takes place to launch a new data architecture or other IT infrastructure change. Likewise, it can apply to re-training to enhance the skills of current human resources.

Application Development Planning

After inventorying the business applications (software) used by an organization, WIN Technology addresses the suitability of the current IT infrastructure for these applications and the goals of the organization. A plan may seek to optimize the current infrastructure or to acquire new equipment and software. In cases where new applications are considered, their performance using the current infrastructure and the need, if any, to alter or enhance it are part of the planning process.

Analytics & Insight Planning

This service analyzes detailed measurements pertaining to the current efficiency and performance of an organization’s IT infrastructure. As a result of the analysis, WIN Technology provides insights about how the infrastructure can be enhanced.

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