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A Business Mindset to Information Technology Management

WIN delivers end-to-end information technology (IT) services as a discrete business function so that organizations can minimize uncertainty about IT and focus on their core competencies.

We recognize that most organizations simply cannot acquire and manage the appropriate breadth and depth of in-house resources and technologies needed to efficiently address every IT challenge at all times.

For example, some resources are prohibitively expensive to acquire and support even though they may be rarely used. And if those rarely used resources happen to be highly skilled individuals, for example, those individuals will quit and go where they can practice those high-end skills more frequently, have the best opportunity to acquire new skills, and receive superior compensation.

This can leave a big hole in an organization that depends on them – reducing IT performance while increasing uncertainty and risk to the core business functions. And that’s only one of many challenges.

Our Services Encourage Organizations to Change the Way They Think

Instead of viewing technology as a money-pit, we encourage our clients to look at information technology as a business function – a strategic investment with a budget and an expected outcome (a defined return on investment). With this mindset in place, we act as your chief information/technology officer (CIO/CTO).

In that role, we deliver the resources that come with the IT business function – providing the hardware and software, the network, and the full depth and range of skills you need, when you need them, at a fixed monthly rate. Instead of constantly trying to select the right technologies and equipment and trying to achieve the right balance in the IT staff, you purchase an end-to-end business service with a defined level of performance.

Learn more about our CIO/CTO Services.

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How We Can Work With You

From virtual hosting to fiber network management and mastery of every type of software and hardware, we provide the following technical, operational, consulting, and end-to-end technology services management (e2e service) for a flat monthly fee.

Network Administration

This includes assessment, monitoring, reporting, and support for your network as well as configuration, administration, monitoring, support, and reporting on your network devices.

Server Administration

This includes server and workstation management as well as data backup and recovery services

Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) Functions

In this role, WIN conducts reviews, supports client relationships with outside IT and mobile vendors, manages devices, and helps clients formulate strategic IT goals.


Client Services Center

We are the clientʼs IT help desk, taking action on trouble tickets according to well-defined escalation procedures and response times.


Carefully Defined Responsibilities and Technical Requirements

Just as we follow security procedures and notifications, our clients engage in cooperative actions that build a successful partnership with us.

Enhanced Support Services

We provide a number of additional services that include hosting and support of client infrastructure, business continuity services, backup services, hosted virtual desktop services, onsite support, and security services.

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