Custom IT Projects

Whether large or small, WIN Technology delivers and ensures ROI on all your IT projects.

Custom IT projects include special undertakings such as important technology initiatives. Clients sometimes try to implement these projects with an existing staff, which places a strain on their capabilities and available time. Others try or build an internal staff of specialists, but their skills are employed too infrequently to make them a cost-effective option. WIN Technology can execute these projects more effectively and efficiently.

Custom IT Projects

Assessment Services

WIN Technology performs assessments so that organizations can determine if their IT environment appropriately supports their core business. In particular, the following assessments can be used to establish key benchmarks:


Cyber security choices are business decisions that require an evaluation of risks and opportunities. WIN Technology can determine if an organization’s core security practices meet the recommended global standards established by the Center for Internet Security (CIS). In short, this means engaging in security practices that have the greatest impact relative to the resources spent. Moreover, WIN Technology can help clients to determine if enhancements to these basic requirements are necessary or not – depending upon the specific industry and unique business needs of the organization.


Managed IT Readiness

Before entering any agreements with new clients, we undertake a managed IT readiness assessment to establish the status of the organization’s IT environment.

This not only sets a benchmark for its current function, but it enables an organization to determine if the current IT infrastructure is appropriate for current operations and future goals.

Custom IT Projects

Project Management

For a reasonable fee, a product manager can be assigned to manage either a single client project or a group of projects. Acting as a liaison between WIN Technology and the client, the product manager ensures that the components of the various projects are managed and coordinated properly to obtain optimal results.

Custom IT Projects

Vendor and Applications Management

Clients engage WIN Technology to manage their third-party relationships with hardware and software vendors. This places an expert from WIN Technology between vendor and client, and it maximizes the value of the various IT components and related resources.

Contract negotiation

This includes negotiating the price and terms of service with the vendors.

Escalation assistance

In the event of an outage or incident, we provide escalation assistance with the vendors.

Product evaluation

We use our expertise to evaluate products. Then we provide guidance and recommendations for our clients to consider.


Acting as the liaison between client and vendor, WIN Technology manages, updates, renews, and transfers software licenses.

Custom IT Projects

Security Awareness & Training

The average financial impact of a data breach is just under $4 million for organizations located outside of the United States and is nearly $8 million in the United States. Employees at various levels, however, can have a direct positive impact on cyber security. WIN Technology conducts security training so that employees can learn to act in ways that minimize an organization’s exposure to data breaches – maintaining awareness of potential threats encountered in the day-to-day use of IT resources. They also learn how to take appropriate action in the event of a security breach to minimize its impact.

Training Sessions

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During a webcast or on-site visit, we conduct a general security-awareness session.

Security awareness videos

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WIN Technology has a proprietary library of security-awareness videos that can be available for on-demand or scheduled training.

Simulated phishing attack

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We have a process to send harmless simulated phishing emails to end users along with related remedial security awareness training. Depending on the statement of work (SOW), these simulated phishing attacks send a unique simulated phishing email to each of the client’s designated end users every three weeks. During a 12-month period, users receive no more than 18 simulated phishing emails.

Security awareness & training management

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To document the level of participation in and the performance results for the training session, security awareness videos, and simulated phishing attacks, WIN Technology monitors end users and issues a report to the client.

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