Embedded Endpoint Security Management

Remove endpoint blind spots and quickly respond to device threats, vulnerabilities, and lost or stolen devices with Embedded Endpoint Security Management.

Is Embedded Endpoint Security Management Right for You?

As the remote and hybrid workforce grows, many organizations struggle to monitor and remotely track devices that operate off the corporate network. With Embedded Endpoint Security Management, WIN Technology can help you quickly identify and respond to device threats while also providing better visibility into the asset’s inventory and usage.

Are you limited by the constraints and network dependencies of traditional tools for endpoint management?

We can gain remote access to monitor, track, lock, wipe, or restrict unauthorized usage of devices when they access the internet from anywhere in the world.

Is measuring and reporting on device usage challenging?

Evaluate the return on investment and obtain better visibility into the asset’s inventory and usage.

Are you sensitive to the overall cost of establishing and enforcing device policies across a growing organization?

Automatically reinstall device software according to device policies when the endpoint accesses the internet, on or off network.

Do you store sensitive data on remote devices that could put your organization at risk if lost or stolen?

Manage risks with remote security control – WIN can track and potentially recover lost or stolen devices.

The Proof is in the Numbers


of breaches originate at the endpoint


of enterprise devices reported unhealthy applications at any given time


of security leaders lack confidence in their organization’s cybersecurity posture

Our Embedded Endpoint Security Management Services Include:

  • Data Protection and Encryption
  • Remote Tracking of Hardware
  • Unauthorized Device Activity Detection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Investigation and Recovery of Lost or Stolen Devices
  • Device Usage Reports
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Device Health Checks
Reduce Security Risks
Monitor and “Self-heal” devices by forcing all applications to reinstall deleted software according to established policies
Immediately detect and respond to unauthorized device movement with instant remediation
Utilize a team of experts to investigate and potentially recover stolen devices
Remotely freeze or delete data and certify a complete device wipe to protect sensitive information
Enhance Visibility
Identify assets that are lost or have gone dark and remove them from inventory
Eliminate blind spots by tracking devices and immediately responding to device threats, vulnerabilities, and lost or stolen devices
Run regular health checks on all endpoints to assess their security posture and ensure applications are installed and running smoothly and remediate problems
Know when sensitive data like proprietary information and intellectual property is on an unsecure device
Added Device Control
Shut down access to devices at any time and in any location, worldwide
Ensure business-critical applications are available 24/7/365 for staff
Secure lost or stolen devices with a solution that is embedded in the device and protected from tampering or removal, ensuring the organization — not the user —maintains asset control
Manage all devices from a single dashboard

Act Now to Protect Your Devices with WIN Technology Embedded Endpoint Security Management.