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Cybersecurity attacks are making news and creating great disruptions in the marketplace. Is your company safe from being hacked? Our quick and easy Cybersecurity Health Check will identify some of the commonly overlooked risk areas.

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Included in the Cybersecurity Health Check Package:


Password Strength Test – Your First Line of Defense 
Do your employees follow recommended password policies? Have any of your accounts been compromised or sold on the dark web? This test will check for: 

  • Exposed, weak and breached passwords that are at risk of being hacked 
  • Bad passwords in your Active Directory Domain 
  • Compromised accounts that exist in a breach database 

Security Wellness Scan Reports 
Do you have gaps or holes in your technology infrastructure?  These reports scan for a variety of risk factors. 

  • Risk Report – This report identifies services that may provide an outflow of information from servers or endpoints that could send sensitive data to external bad actors. The report includes a proprietary Security Risk Score showing the relative health (on a scale of 1 to 10) of your network security and a summary of the number of computers with issues. This powerful tool also reports on outbound protocols, System Control protocols, User Access Controls, and an external vulnerabilities summary list. 
  • Consolidated Security Report Card – This report card provides recommendations on the basic steps to take as you begin your journey to a secure network. Individual computers are assessed based on various security criteria to determine how well they comply with security best practices. 
  • Windows Patch Assurance Report – Security patches address vulnerabilities in your Windows applications. This report identifies missing security patches on Windows Endpoints (desktop and laptop computers) and Servers. All missing patches are divided into categories based on severity. 
  • Share Permission Report – When users have excessive and unnecessary access to files across the network, it increases the number of paths hackers can take to access your information. This report generates a comprehensive list of all ‘Shared’ network folders, grouped by computer, detailing the level of access users and groups have to view and/or edit. 
  • Security Policy Assessment Report – Basic “device hardening” policies are applied through group policies within Active Directory. Even if a policy contains proper settings, it maybe not be effective if the group policy isn’t properly applying those settings. This report reviews the security policies applied on your domain and at local endpoints, such as laptops, desktops, etc., to determine if your policies are effectively applied.   



WIN Technology will run a 24 hour assessment of your cybersecurity risk level. This is a $3,500 value.


You will receive four detailed security reports from our WIN IT Services cybersecurity team.


If you recognize and agree with the value, the fee will be $3,500. If not, you rate the value from free to $3,500 and we will honor it.

A little investment of your time now will greatly reduce your risk going forward.

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