Co-Managed IT Services and Solutions

Establishing long-term partnerships that leverage the strengths of our frameworks and processes, while allowing your IT Staff to focus on what they do best.

What is Co-Managed IT?
Co-Managed IT is a great option with a collaborative approach where we blend our talent with yours, to achieve best outcomes in your IT Infrastructure management. It can help your organization optimize expenses, increase employee retention, improve the experience for your users, and clients. It can also help you realize business value while reducing your IT security risks.

Are Co-Managed IT Services Right for You?

Today, many companies face similar challenges when it comes to their IT infrastructure. Co-Managed IT is a great option with a collaborative approach where we blend our talent with yours, to achieve best outcomes in your IT Infrastructure management.

Are You Sensitive to the Overall Cost of IT?

We offer a resource structure that blends the strengths of your team and ours.

Do You Suffer From IT Staff Burnout and Churn?

Through WIN’s best practices, expanded staff competencies and active knowledge transfer, we can increase you IT staff’s satisfaction and retention.

Are Your Employee Users Dissatisfied?

Your employee user experience will improve with greater systems availability and accelerated time to resolution when issues do arise.

Is Showing IT Business Value Challenging?

Our collaborative planning and access to subject matter expertise will help maximize your path to technology business value.

Is it Difficult to Prioritize Cyber Security Efforts?

Reduce your risks by inheriting our proven systems, tools and automation.

The Proof is in the Numbers

Active Seats Served

Tickets Resolved Per Month

Mean time in Ticket


Data Center (IaaS) Uptime

What our Valued Clients are Saying:

"When WIN first came to Lucas County Health Center, we had endured several years with no IT strategy and it showed. WIN provided the groundwork and helped create an IT based strategic plan for Lucas County that allowed us to balance finances with IT improvement. They were patient and innovative, and helped determine the best path for us given our current financial situation. I appreciated their expertise in IT security and systems and am happy we continue to partner with WIN."

Lori Johnson – Chief Operations Officer

Our Co-Managed IT Services Include:

  • Server Management
  • Network Management
  • Help Desk Support
  • Desktop Management
  • VDI Management
  • Hosted Infrastructure Management
  • Cloud Management
  • Cyber Security Management
  • SD-WAN
  • Hardware Procurement & Management
Optimize Expenses
Produce the best value for a range of services, such as network stack, server stack, endpoints and security services
Provide a balanced value between an internal staff champion and external review and recommendations
Leverage our Product Development and Procurement teams’ buying power and partners at an efficient cost
Use data and reporting to drive efficiency improvements
Increase Retention
Gain access to best practices to improve your IT team’s performance
Reduce IT staff burnout by allowing them to focus, without being pulled in too many directions
Accelerate capabilities of your IT staff with active knowledge transfer
Improve User Experience

Streamlined processes and automation resolve employee issues more quickly

Improved reporting to understand the level of incident and service requests and opportunities to address the root causes

Increased availability of systems due to infrastructure improvements

Minimize business disruptions created by IT staff churn

Realize Business Value
Access greater depth and breadth of know-how via our personnel and partners
Move from a reactive to a proactive stance in your IT efforts
Make better data-driven decisions as a result of consultative business reviews and planning
Reduce Security Risks

Partner and collaborate to make the most effective risk mitigation investment decisions

Gain the benefit of our partner network to gain a complete range of cyber security services

Remove the risk of a single point of failure resulting from a limited IT staff

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