A True Partnership to Meet a Tight Deadline

A parent company of a high-tech business put forth a requirement that all corporate assets must be protected by a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. The Research and Development department of the high-tech business was out of compliance due to technical and contract concerns but needed to become compliant within a week.

With only seven days to comply, WIN Technology met with the client to understand which assets were sensitive to configuration changes. Together, they identified network segmentation as a solution and collaborated to implement the necessary changes.

By forcing traffic through the corporate firewall, the team effectively segmented the network to balance the compliance expectations of the parent company while keeping their endpoints under protection. This solution split the network devices and systems into smaller groups of devices, increasing the client’s security stance.

Benefits to the Client:

Corporate Compliance

Balanced corporate compliance expectations with business requirements

Improved Security

Increased client’s cyber maturing score, further satisfying the parent company