A Stabilized Network Paves the Way for Improved Performance

An equipment sales and leasing firm was experiencing an unstable network environment, major outages and application performance issues for their employees in their seven retail locations.

To address all of these issues, a number of solutions were implemented by WIN:

  • WIN fiber and SD-WAN were installed at all of their locations to address their unstable network environment and allow for reliable connections to all of their critical data.
  • All of these locations were connected to each other and back to the WIN Data Center by SD-WAN. On-premise infrastructure and ERP SaaS connectivity was brought into WIN’s hosted infrastructure. These efforts ensure that if one site goes down, the other sites won’t be impacted. This also facilitated a move to a cloud-based phone system.
  • Lifecycle management allowed for replacement of equipment in a controlled manner and removed outdated, non-efficient equipment to improve performance and reliability.

These efforts established an efficient, maintainable environment with minimal downtime. This resulted in increased efficiency and improved customer experience. The client appreciates that they can now consistently rely on their network.

Benefits to the Client:

Increased Employee Experience

Employees can rely on network availability, with no frustration of a down network

Increased Productivity

Fast and reliable network and improved endpoints ensures work can be done in an efficient manner

High Accessibility for Remote Work

A cloud-based system provides sales representatives and service technicians 24/7 remote access to systems, and smoothed the transition to remote work.