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Perigon is the first and only live streaming solution that combines multi-faceted communication with data-driven audience segmentation. Engage with multiple target groups in one singular, powerful event.

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Over the years, WIN Technology™ noticed a trend of other technology companies building a portfolio of services that looks great on paper but isn’t specifically geared toward their customers. We take a different approach. Our customers’ business success is the end goal of our company. Each year, we take a hard look at the strategic objectives we want our Network, Data Security, and Enterprise IT Services to be for our customers, then strengthen our design.

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Listen and read through our “customer’s perspective” and ask yourself if this is the type of relationship you wish to pursue.

“WIN’s approach has been very collaborative.”

Dave Lyons

Greater Dubuque Development Corporation


5 Firewall Best Practices for Business Continuity

5 Firewall Best Practices for Business Continuity

Managing a firewall is an important function but can sometimes fall to the wayside — that is until a critical patch or upgrade is needed. Then, IT staff must pivot to install patches quickly or risk a data breach. Here are 5 best practices to proactively manage a firewall.

  • Take timely and appropriate action. Set up notifications to alert you when patches and upgrades are needed. Carefully review release notes prior to installing a patch or upgrade to ensure you are fixing the problem without creating any new issues.
  • Automate configuration back-ups for business continuity. If there are firewall issues, a back-up allows you to restore to previous versions.
  • Utilize your next generation firewall features to layer your security, paired with deep SSL inspection to block threats that are encrypted in transmission.
  • Leverage monitoring and alerts. Always know what is going on with your network. Understand the health of traffic going through your network. You need to know if you are under an attack and how to respond.
  • Confirm that you have a strong support contract in place. Check that your firewalls have valid support and an updated support contract to receive critical security patches and next generation firewall rule definitions.

Looking for assistance with a firewall implementation project as part of your infrastructure modernization or lifecycle management efforts? Or do you need help with a managed firewall stance via managed services? WIN can be your partner. Contact us today to learn more.

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